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With Ordering Rules you can create rules based on order details you suspect could be suspicious and want to review or block. Each rules consist of one or more conditions that needs to be met for the rule to be triggered on orders. The app basically working with Shopify Webhooks and running any time when creating the order in your store.
The app automatically analyzing the order information and doing actions which you set on Rules section of the app.
Whenever you receive a new order, we check it based on your created rules. If an order matche all Conditions of any Rules, we automatically doing the Action of the Rule (refund/void the payment (if any), restock your inventory, email a cancellation confirmation to you and the customer (optional), tagging the order).
The app using templates from your Shopify > Settings > Notification section.
"Order canceled" template using when canceling the order,
"Order refund" template using when order refunded.
Our GOAL is - easy to interface and one-click installation. We have all the features what you need in one app.
The App installs itself right away. It just works! If you have any sort of issues, we are always available to help and offer a quality and responsive service!
The App uses Shopify Webhooks. The app does not create or edit any file in your store. After Uninstalling the app, Webhooks turning off.
Good question! Remove Ordering Rules from your app list on Shopify any time before the 7 days are up to avoid starting a monthly subscription.